Pressing Loose Eyeshadow & Powder

I hate loose eyeshadow.

There, I said it.

I find it doesn’t stick well without a primer, and I always end up with it sprinkled down my face. Normally I refuse to buy it, but when I find a color I can’t live without, I turn it into a pressed shadow. It’s much easier than you might think! This technique also works great with broken powder or bronzer.  Whenever I have a bronzer that is starting to crumble or running low, I throw all the pieces into a jar.  When I have enough, I will crush it up really good and press it into an empty compact. Also, if you have ever bought a bronzer that was too light or too dark, you can keep it and mix it with other shades. I’ve found that I like the bronzers I’ve made this way much better than anything I have bought. If you have a large supply of makeup (like I do) you can mix and match shades so it is exactly how you want it!


What you will need:

- Rubbing alcohol

- White cotton cloth of some sort. (I used an old white t-shirt, but you can use a flour sack towel or whatever else you can find)

- Empty eyeshadow palette with removable discs, or small container to put the new pressed shadow into. (You can find these on eBay fairly cheap)

- Small bowl to mix in

- Loose eyeshadow/pigments, crumbled powder/broken bronzer pieces, etc

- Brush/Q-tip to mix with

- A quarter, if you are using the small discs like I have.

1. Sprinkle your loose powder/shadow into your mixing dish.  To fill the small eye shadow containers I have, I used about 1 tablespoon of shadow to begin with. Start small, you can always add more. I have a fairly large collection of MAC pigments, so I like to mix the colors when I make these. How creative you get with your colors is entirely up to you!
2. Add a few drops of alcohol to the powder and mix it up. What you are trying to get here is a paste. You don’t want it to be soupy, and it should all clump together like shown.  If you add too much alcohol, just mix in some more shadow. You will find that after you add the alcohol it will really shrink up.
3. When you get the right consistency, put the mix into your container. Don’t fill it too full, otherwise  it will ooze out the sides when you press it. I like to pile mine mostly in the middle.
4. Pick the container up and cover it with the cotton cloth. Put the quarter on top and press.  (If you are using a different container, you will want to find something that is about the same size to cover the top. ) You should see the alcohol being absorbed on to the cloth. Do this a couple times, moving the cloth to dry spots between pressings until you can’t get any more alcohol out.
5. Remove the cloth, and you are done! They will be fairly dry after this, but I usually let them sit overnight.
Leave any and all questions you may have in the comments section!
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